Flowback & Well Testing

Rockwater provides a complete line of services and equipment to manage the flowback of fluids and to expedite a comprehensive well test.

We provide packages for flowback support during the tubing conveyed perforation, frac, and drill-out stages of development. At the conclusion of the plug drill-out, we install a complete set of well testing equipment to clean up the well for final production and to provide comprehensive data on fluids recovery and composition analysis, gas rate and flow measurement, and solids recovery.

We have extensive experience in condensate and oil producing formations, and coordinate all fluids and liquid hydrocarbon management on-site.

Our flowback and well testing Services Include:

  • Well Testing with Real-Time Data Reporting
    • Well testing data is provided via secure website where users can view up to the hour readings
  • Fluids Measurement & Analysis
    • Digital gas and fluid meters with measurement capabilities of up to 25,000 BBLs/Day
  • 24 Hour Wellsite Surveillance
    • Day and night crews provide on-location flowback monitoring, coordinate flowback removal with water haulers, and record hourly data into daily reports.
  • Tubing Conveyed Perforation Support
    • Our Rockwater flowback teams are experienced in the support of modern completion systems used to increase the production capability of the well. 
  • Frac Plug Drill-Out
    • Our experience teams coordinate with workover rig and coiled tubing operations to drill out frac plugs, and collect plug parts and debris.
  • Frac Flowback Support
    • Manifolds and flow lines installed before the frac are serviced by standby teams in the case of a screen out during the frac job.
  • Flaring Operations
    • Our flaring operations provide the management of unusable gas with capacities up to 40 MMscf/Day and heights up to 60”.
  • Field Production Support
    • Rockwater personnel interface with production lease operators to ensure a smooth transition into flowing through the permanent facility.
  • Full Line of Flowback Equipment
    • We offer a full line of flowback equipment including sand separators, plug catchers, test units, and flow tanks. Sand separators used by Rockwater protect testing and production equipment during the flowback process, and effectively remove sand debris from frac tanks, saving on cleanup costs.
  • Production Testing
    • Production testing data provided by Rockwater allows operators to protect sensitive equipment, assess well performance, and make adjustments to increase well production.


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