Completion Chemicals

Rockwater can manufacture and supply both a full suite of specialty oilfield products for well stimulation and completion, and a wide range of commodity chemicals.

Modern hydraulic fracturing requires an engineered, environmentally conscious solution to optimally stimulate oil and gas bearing formations.  With an understanding of the unique needs of our customers, we apply targeted research and application expertise in developing our wide range of specialized products or in manufacturing according to your proprietary formulations. 

We are a technology leader in the development, manufacturing, and supply of polymer slurries, crosslinkers, and other chemical technologies for the oilfield. We are among the largest providers of guar and guar additives to the oil and gas industry.

Our completion and stimulation products:

  • Acids
  • Alcohols
  • Biocides
  • Breakers PDF
  • Corrsion Inhibitors
  • Crosslinkers PDF
  • Fluid Loss Additives
  • Foamers & Defoamers
  • Iron Sulfide Removal
  • Mutual & Micellar Additives
  • Polymer Slurries
  • Acid / Solvent Emulsifiers
  • Acid Gelling & Crosslinking Additives
  • Asphaltene / Paraffin Systems
  • Clay Stabilizers & KCL Substitutes
  • Crosslink Accelerators & Delay Agents
  • Gas Enhancement Solutions
  • Guar & Cellulose Polymers
  • Scale Dissolvers / Converters

Lab Services

Our commitment to fundamental research has established our reputation as an innovator in both product development and product delivery.  Rockwater laboratories are also charged with insuring the quality of our raw materials and finished products and providing technical support to our customers.  

  • Quality control/assurance
  • Polymer solution viscosity profiling
  • Rheological performance testing of crosslinked fluids
  • Cold climate stability testing
  • Additive compatibility analysis 
  • Surface tension and capillary suction
  • Cement Testing

Warehousing & Distribution

Rockwater can provide 24/7/365 over-the-road, hot-shot, and time critical logistical support to both its own pumping services industry customers and third parties. Our warehousing services include inventory management, computerized inventory tracking and monthly reporting of starting and ending inventories. Learn more about our fluids and sand distribution, storage, and inventory management services provided through our Chemical Logistics team.  

Commodity Chemicals

Rockwater can supply many commodity chemicals used for oil and gas stimulation. For a complete list of our offerings click here.

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We focus on delivering products that benefit your environmental footprint. Our teams apply new technology and practices to improve the environmental solutions we provide.

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