Fluids Conditioning Case Study

Case History, Uinta Basin

Produced water conditioned to a level compatible with borate crosslink fracturing fluid helps major operator reduce costs and environmental footprint in the Uinta.


Due to high produced water disposal and fresh water sourcing costs, a major operator in the Uinta basin was searching for an economical water treatment solution to reuse their produced water.


The major challenges were treating water to a level compatible with a borate crosslinked frac fluid, managing the degree of variability in the produced water, and maintaining reasonable economic benefits.


Rockwater Energy Solutions mobilized their Fluids Conditioning team, complete with patent-pending electro-oxidation technology and water chemistry experts to address the issue. The process began in Rockwater’s lab as they replicated a borate frac chemistry and tested it with treated water until a solution was developed. Field implementation began as Rockwater transported produced fluids to central storage where it would be treated and delivered to the completion site Due to high variability in the produced water, operations staff monitored the incoming water and treated it on the fly to stay within the target water specification. The top three stages of the pilot well were completed with 100%, undiluted, treated, produced water. The bottom three stages were hydraulically fractured with fresh water allowing the operators to distinguish differences in production


The results from the top three stages were positive, and the operator reduced overall water management cost by 31% compared to offset wells. Currently the well is producing at a rate similar to those of other nearby wells in the basin, and the water treatment program has been integrated into the operator’s ongoing completions operations.