Water Reuse

Customizable and Scalable Solutions for Flowback and Produced Water Treatment

Rockwater Fluids Conditioning and Water Reuse redefines on-site oilfield water treatment. The expandable modular design of our mobile treatment units combined with our line of water clarification chemicals provide a customizable solution capable of meeting performance standards of our customers.

rockwater mobile water treatment

Our mobile treatment units utilize a unique patent pending electro-oxidation process powered by Neohydro Pathocell Technology™. This self-sustaining system provides a turn-key service with a small footprint. The cells operate at a high throughput and produce minimal waste, allowing customers to reuse source water, frac flowback water, and produced water in a cost-effective environmentally friendly manner.

The technology provides a powerful mix of oxidants which can reduce bacteria by 99.9%, total suspended solids by over 99%, and metals by over 30%.

water clarification products

Rockwater provides a broad range of water clarification chemicals to improve water quality and offer the most environmentally friendly chemical options for clean-up at the well site. Our products employ a revolutionary polymer chemistry to increase the solids removal rate in aggregate wash waters.

  • Flowback water
  • Produced water
  • Salt water
  • Drilling fluids/mud
  • Tank bottoms
  • Oily water
  • Oil reclamation
  • Plant wastewater
  • Plant clarification
  • Plant pretreatment

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Your produced water can be treated for reuse in hydraulic fracturing. Learn more about Rockwater Fluids Conditioning to optimize the water lifecycle of your well today!


Rockwater Fluids Conditioning saved a major operator over 31% on their water management costs in the Uinta basin compared to sourcing costs in the region.