fluid logistics

Comprehensive Fluid Hauling & Oilfield Logistics for the Energy Industry

Rockwater provides fluids and proppant storage, transport, transloading, logistics, pumping, recovery, and disposal services through our large fleet of trucks and tanks to meet all of your completion, stimulation, and production needs.

Fluid storage and inventory management

  • Temporary and site specific tank farms
  • Inventory management for third-party fluid inventories
  • Support for drilling activities (e.g., invert mud storage)
  • Support for completion activities (e.g., frac fluid storage)

Fluid distribution and transfers

  • Large fluid hauling fleet of tank trucks for fluid transfers
  • Heavy crude hauling (in the field and to facilities)

Fluid recovery and removal

  • Recovery of drilling and completion fluids
  • Storage in temporary tank farms on location
  • Recovery of fluids and waste via vacuum trucks
  • Transportation to approved disposal facilities

Production support

  • Pressure trucks to provide testing for facilities, well heads and pipelines
  • Support for field activities (e.g. service rig support)
  • Hot oiler to support emulsion treating, chemical programs, wax control and frac programs

Fluid management and rental equipment

  • Rental equipment to support fluid management
  • Tanks, shale bins, containment rings, portable toilets, frac manifolds

Sand transloading, storage, and management

  • Rail transloading terminals for sand and other proppant
  • Sand and proppant supply and transportation logisitics