Water Management

Above-Ground Storage (AST)

Reduce your footprint on location with above-ground storage tanks engineered for strength and quick assembly.

Rockwater above-ground storage tanks are available in a variety of sizes ranging from 41,000 barrels (6,500 m3) to 4,500 barrels (735 m3). Our 41,000 barrel tank replaces 80 frac tanks, reducing the costs associated with transport, set up and removal. Each tank features patent pending panel connections, high performance polyethylene liners, fill and discharge tubes, and optional real-time data monitoring. Best in class engineering allows each tank to live up to the high standards required in the industry. Rockwater tanks are designed and manufactured to operate in extreme conditions and will exceed even the most demanding expectations.

  • Reduced water storage costs
  • Environmental regulatory compliance
  • Dust Reduction
  • Reduced environmental footprint
  • Reduced truck traffic by over 150 loads
  • Lower initial investment


Each tank can be delivered by just three trucks and erected in seven hours. We recommend a .25% grade at the setup location to allow maximum draining of the AST. Rockwater operators have experience with tank set-up in extreme heat and freezing weather conditions.

Fill and Discharge

Rockwater tanks come equipped with fill and discharge tubes manufactured from schedule 40 steel. With our custom tubes, we can fill and empty the Rockwater Tank safely and efficiently while eliminating the risk of tears in your valuable liners. Tubes on the inside of the tank are designed to prevent vortexing and can drain the tank down to only inches. 

Data Monitoring

Your risk of water overflow or freeze is minimized through our real-time data monitoring. Water level, temperature, ambient temperature, air temperature, wind speed and flow rates can be checked from any mobile device with cellular service. Data monitoring can be utilized by service companies as a means of monitoring water levels to insure non-stop fracturing operations.


Polyethylene liners are used as the primary liner on each tank. Our liners are recognized for their superior performance when exposed to chemicals and UV rays. Each tank liner is installed over a geotextilel underlayment as an added precaution.

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