Company Mission

Our mission is to provide customized fluids and environmental solutions that maximize oil and gas production and reduce costs.

Our core values are the foundation upon which our culture is built. They define what we expect of ourselves and how we intend to operate, serve our customers and interact with our communities.


We appreciate our diverse talents and experiences, and recognize that we are stronger as a team.

We listen to, respect, and keep each other informed.

We value the communities where we operate and work to reduce the impact to the environment.

We celebrate our successes together.


We are truthful and do the right thing.

We use the highest levels of integrity, ethics, and fairness in dealing with our customers and each other.

We take full responsibility for our actions, conduct, and decisions.


We do not do it unless it can be done safely.

We follow our established rules and practices, and those communicated to us by our customers, to avoid injuring ourselves, our co-workers, or our neighbors.

We care about the safety of our co-workers and customers, and proactively look out for each other.


We set clear expectations and follow through on our commitments.

We work hard and strive to be more efficient, and the best that we can be.

We are focused on delivering quality products and services to our customers.

We rise to exceed customer expectations!