Code of conduct

Rockwater is an organization that emphasizes going beyond mere compliance. We focus on doing the right thing, acting the right way, and treating others the way we would like to be treated.

Rockwater and its employees are committed to adhering to our Code of Business Conduct for guidance in our work, and maintaining a company that is admired for its Core Values of Respect, Integrity, Safety, and Excellence.

At all times, employees are also expected to be good ambassadors of the Company. This Code is not designed to address every situation. It is intended to be a practical guideline to assist our employees in the exercise of their own good judgment, and to guide them to where they can seek assistance when they have a question or if something just doesn't seem right.


Our Code of Business Conduct is a practical guideline to conduct ourselves with the high ethical standards expected of a World Class operating company.


Employees wishing to anonymously report an ethical or compliance concern can do so through Rockwater’s Integrity Helpline at or by calling 1-855-458-8354.

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