• Increase your Production

    Our production enhancement capabilities stimulate performance and reduce production costs. We provide the services and chemicals to maximize profitability throughout the life of your well.

  • Above-Ground Storage

    Reduce your footprint on location with above-ground storage tanks engineered for strength and quick assembly. Rockwater tanks are designed and manufactured to operate in extreme conditions and will exceed even the most demanding expectations.

  • Chemical Technologies

    Our experienced service professionals offer treatment design and technical expertise in the field, while our team of chemists and lab technicians offer a full suite of advanced laboratory technologies.

  • Fluids Conditioning

    Our Fluids Conditioning services provide a self sustaining response to your onsite water reuse needs. Rockwater redefines the management, flexibility, efficiency and cost effectiveness of industrial water supplies. 

  • Optimize Your Well's Water Lifecycle

    Streamline your water management strategy and release the potential of your well through Hydronomics—a new way of thinking about water and fluids and their impact on overall well productivity.  

About Rockwater

From a Long History in the Oilfield...
Comes a New Concept in Oilfield Services.

Rockwater Energy Solutions is a fluids and environmental solutions provider offering customized products and services to the water, stimulation, fracturing, fluids, and production needs of our customers throughout the U.S. and Western Canada. Our operating companies have been serving the oilfield for over 35 years with outstanding reputations built on quality products, superior services, and excellent customer service. Our teams are dedicated to performing their jobs in a safe, efficient, and environmentally responsible manner, and are motivated to exceed the expectations of each and every customer.

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